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Nomads Drawings


Nomadic Architecture

A collaboration between Dan Dubowitz and Kapok Architects

"The Nomads" is a proposal for a series of 12 itinerant buildings. A deployment scenario of forty diverse installations across the the city region over a two year period has been developed that would generate a vibrant debate and unexpected interaction with people in and around key sites about to undergo a massive physical and social transformation.

The Nomads are reconfigured ISO shipping containers with a kit of parts to be installed on wastegrounds and building sites as dj booths, temporary offices, tea rooms, kiosks, exhibiton spaces, lightboxes, Public Viewing galleries...., and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. One morning Stoke-on-Trent might wake up to find a full tribe of Nomads wandering through its wastelands.

Expect the Unexpected.

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