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Sunderland Cultural Masterplan


A Cultural Masterplan

The first cultural masterplan was conceived of for Sunderland in 2004. A regeneration project of extraordinary scale is underway to regenerate Sunderland (population 280,000). The Cultural Masterplan defines three mechanisms to embed projects within this physical regeneration programme and to effect: cultural regeneration through physical regeneration.

In regeneration projects across Europe there is the aspiration or assumption that rebuilding will bring a cultural transformation in society. This cultural transformation, if it does occur, is rarely planned and invariably at the end of the regeneration, which is too late. Sunderland aims, through the cultural masterplan to rewrite the book.

This unique initiative to masterplan the cultural regeneration and physical regeneration together is being pioneered by Sunderland Arc and The City of Sunderland.

This document sets out the vision and the mechanisms by which this cultural regeneration is achieved.

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